Virginia Beach Chiropractor Talks About Nutrition and Healthy Living

Healthy Eating Tips from a Virginia Beach Chiropractor

There is no better way to improve your health than by eating more healthy foods. In fact, just a couple of simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health-and may also help you avoid a variety of health problems in the future.

virginia beach chiropractorIf your current lifestyle includes the typical coffee and doughnuts for breakfast; a fast food hamburger and fries for lunch, or maybe you skip lunch; junk food, and soda for a snack; followed by a huge protein dinner are unhealthy food choices.

To help patients life healthier lives, Virginia Beach Chiropractor Dr Jay Berkowitz urge his patients to quit smoking, eat a more balanced diet, drink lots of water, exercise, and enhance their balanced diet with the proper nutritional supplements.

What Can You Do to live a healthier life? 
Dr. Jay Berkowitz one of the best Chiropractors in Virginia Beach offers the following prevention and wellness advice:

Changes in your Lifestyle 

  • Try to exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes three or four days a week.
  • Eat out less. Most food in restaurants often involves high quantities of fat and sugar as well as larger portions.
  • Pack your own lunch to help control your fat and sugar intake while adding more fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Cut down alcohol consumption and quit smoking. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking hurts your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the good food you are now consuming.

Changes in your Diet

  • Try eating more raw foods. Cooking and canned foods destroys quite a bit of the nutrition in foods. Except for canned tomatoes, (which may help prevent prostate cancer)  fresh fruits and vegetables have more natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Try to eat about 25 - 30 grams of fiber a day. This can include whole-grain breads and cereals, beans, nuts, and certain fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber. Eating a high-fiber diet can help you avoid digestive problems, heart disease, and colon cancer.
  • Try to consume around eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Don’t substitute coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol for water.

Supplements  – When taken properly, nutritional supplements can play a very important role in helping achieve maximum health. If you are considering nutritional supplements, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Remember to eat dark green vegetables, oils, nuts, and seeds, which are great sources of magnesium, fatty acids, and many other vitamins and minerals.

Never, ever, self-prescribe. Always consult a licensed health care practitioner, such as a Virginia Beach chiropractor like Dr Berkowitz at Virginia Spine Care, to find out what supplements are best for you. In certain cases it may be advisable to visit a licensed nutritionist and do a complete analysis of what you are currently eating and what you should be eating.

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